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China Oil Filter Filter factory
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06-06-2018, 07:34 AM
Main configuration:
LUPAO Filter Precision Filter Oil Cart consists of a number of precision oil filters connected in parallel and equipped with pump motors, vacuum gauges, pressure gauges, suction strainers, electromagnetic switches, iron frames, etc. to form a filter system. And with wheels for easy mobile use. Suitable for centralized filtration or all kinds of mechanical rotation filtration of the same oil, the filtration process is simple, the effect is good (up to NAS6 at a time), economical and wide range.
1. Strong ability to filter out impurities, large-area, deep-level precision filter material can remove fine particles in the oil, and is equipped with a permanent magnetic filter to filter out fine impurities containing iron.
2. On-line oil filter can be run by nobody, and the running status is indicated by indicator light.
3. The use of differential pressure automatic backwash system eliminates the need for complicated manual washing.
4 can help users better deal with the pollutants of the hydraulic system, effectively guarantee the cleanliness of the oil
5. The heating system uses the optimized piping design to ensure even heating and stable oil temperature.
6. Unique degassing and dehydration system adopts three-dimensional three-dimensional evaporation technology and multi-level oil-water separation technology
The most common problems with oil filters:
1. Moisture, gas, volatile substances and impurities are inevitably mixed into the lubricating oil due to various reasons to accelerate the oxidation of the oil, and promote the formation of foam, scale and sludge, and reduce the lubrication, heat dissipation, dispersion and cooling of the oil. Performance
2. Cause corrosion and wear of metal parts, affect the normal operation of hydraulic systems, power systems, lubrication systemsChina Oil Filter Filter factory

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